Are you an SME? Register for free to one of our cybersecurity workshops financed by the FPS Economy!

The FPS Economy, in collaboration with Headmind Partners, is offering SMEs a unique opportunity to take part for free in cybersecurity awareness workshops. These workshops, in the form of a crisis exercise or an escape game, enable you to learn how to protect yourself from cyber attacks in a fun and interactive way!

More than 37 000 cyber attacks in Belgium by 2021

More than 100 cyber attacks every day

27% of Belgian SMEs have experienced IT security incidents

How do I choose the right password? How to avoid hacking? How do you secure your files? Our escape game combines learning and entertainment to help you strengthen your company's cybersecurity through simple everyday actions.
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A hack occurs. Do you know what action to take? Who should you alert? How do you communicate internally and externally? What emergency plans should you put in place? Our crisis exercise workshop puts you at the heart of a realistic simulation, enabling you to acquire the skills and tools you need to deal with a cyber attack.
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